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"The Office! - A Musical Parody"

We Have Fun Here!

Take a sneak peak into a typical Tuesday afternoon at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, the people person's paper people.

Live at Five

Sarah recently had the honor of sitting down with the "Live at Five" team at the studios to discuss "The Office! - A Musical Parody".

Breaking Records!

"The Office! A Musical Parody" has made its claim as one of the most successful shows currently running Off-Broadway. The new musical reached 130% gross potential Christmas week and shattered all Theater Center box office records in a single week by taking in nearly double that of any previous show, including the 11-year run of The Fantasticks.

1 Year Anniversary


"This phenomenal roster of comedic actors do not simply send-up the characters they embody- they complement them, making their most endearing, memorable traits pop with hilarity. Baron’s big eyes and wild expression are utter perfection as she takes on Michael’s desperation to be the world’s best boss, as well as his hysterically brazen attempts to keep secrets."

Kim M. Ferry

Hair Department Head for NBC's "The Office"

"I worked on 'The Office' for all nine seasons. I lived this show and I can honestly say that I loved the musical! I fully support this wonderful show and I hope it has continued success and that fans make the time to go see it!"

The Pop Break

"Sarah Mackenzie Baron took to the task to play one of my all time favorite characters, and she did it well. Baron enthusiastically captured Michael’s attempt to be the class clown and everyone’s friend. She delivered nearly all of his classic lines and really brought a high energy, fast-paced performance."


A boisterous, rejuvenating escape from reality that'll fill the void in your heart. The world’s most elaborate inside joke, created with a whole lot of love, just for fans. The medium couldn't be more different, but  ultimately, the musical stays true to the television show with several lines delivered verbatim. (Can confirm hearing Michael Scott scream "NOOOOOOO, GOD NO" IRL is ridiculously satisfying.) 

Theater Pizzazz

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